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PostSubject: Pivot ranks   Pivot ranks Icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2008 7:05 pm

Here is all the ranks and what is required to achieve them.

(This is based on an SP ranking style. Other sites such as DD may find that you are a much higher rank in there type of ranking style.) ((Also, no elite included))

Low beginner-
Everything sucks...

Med beginner-
Choppiness is still seen. Easing may be applied once or twice, but it is still bad. Physics need lots of work. Movements are unrealistic and need work.

High beginner-
Choppiness is gone. Easing is used more way more often(but still needs work). Movements may not be perfect, but they are good. Physics can be so-so or good.

Low Inter-
No choppiness. Easing is getting perfect. Physics are extremely good. Movements are very good.

Med Inter-
Everything is a bit better than low inter.

High inter-
No choppiness. Easing is perfect aside for no more than 1 minor flaw that may be hard to find. Movements are perfect. Movements are perfect, but have the some "problem" as physics.


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Pivot ranks
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