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 overall animating tut

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PostSubject: overall animating tut   overall animating tut Icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2008 7:19 pm

Well, this is just basics for begginers. (currently under construction)
Ill introduce good animating to you first.

first off, stiffness. a pain in the ass, this will always get ya.
-stiffness makes an animation very unrealistic. to fix it, you want to move every joint in the frame. as shown: overall animating tut Stiffness_1ib6l
-this is with stiffness (i may have over exaggerated a bit)
overall animating tut Stiffness_24xk

Second up: easing. makes fighting anis smoother and more realistic Now i know most of you know how to do this, and people may say you suck at easing, even though u tried and you know how to, you just need sum more practice. but heres sum anis showing you how, if you dont know wut it is.
-Easing:overall animating tut Easing_1mg9s
-no easing:overall animating tut Easing_2ir00

Basicly the spacing is like this l-l--l---l-----l------------l-----l---l--l-l
Not like this l--l--l--l--l--l--l--l--l--l--l--l--l

well thats all i can think of atm... now to fighting
im too lazy to type the steps, ill just throw down .piv forms of fighting techniques. Click the movement to open .piv file.
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overall animating tut
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