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 Nev's freeware reviews

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PostSubject: Nev's freeware reviews   Nev's freeware reviews Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 5:15 am

Nev wrote:
I'd advise checking back to the original thread, because it is most likely updated more frequently -

I basically list a ton of free programs, and you can use this as a reference for when you want something new (if you want to submit a review, please post it in the original thread).
Program name: AVG free
Description: There is a paid version, but unlike others, AVG free doesn't run on a trial. It is updated daily, and it gets the job done.

Program Name: Avast! Anti-Virus
Description: Many features, and strong detection of viruses.
File Size: 14.1MB

Program name: Avira AntiVir
Description: Very strong detection for viruses, and a pleasing interface.

Program name: Pivot Stickfigure Animator
Description: Easy to use program that can create stick figure animations.

Program Name: Endorphin Learning Edition
Description: Used for Animation, Quite Easy. Tutorials recommended on advanced usu age
File Size: 41.1MB

Program Name: EasyToon
Description: Simple black and white, frame by frame drawing animation tool.

Modeling / Rendering
Program Name: Blender
Description: Used to make models and render them.
File Size: 7.95MB

Image Viewer
Program name: IrfanView
Description: Very easy, and fast image viewer. There are several editing options, including transparency for .gif and .png, converting files, etc.

System Tweak
Program name: TuneXP
Description: Fast boot. Will make your Windows installation run faster than ever before, as well as Windows Service configuration. Allows the user to control a few of the most common performance annoyances.

Download Accelerator/Manager
Program name: FlashGet
Description: A download accelerator and manager, simple as that. The quality is kind of sporadic if you try and use it with professional upload sites, but I find that if you download directly over http (Even faster over ftp) the speeds can sometimes triple that of downloading it via browser.

Keystroke Launcher
Program name: Launchy
Description: Who needs a start bar or desktop, when just a few key strokes can get your program opened!

Program name: Skylight
Description: Very good program for finding what you want in an easier manner. Looks awesome, and you'll love it.

Program name: Trip
Definition: Can load a web page or run a command in just a few key strokes.

Media Player
Program name: iTunes
Description: Many features are included with iTunes, such as the ability to control from your task bar, play lists, and more.

Program name: VLC
Description: Some aspects of this player can be a little more annoying. However, VLC is compatible with almost all media types, included FLVs, and it's skinnable.

Program name: Winamp
Description: Fully skinnable player. There are many features included, such as CD burning, play lists, and an equalizer.

Program name: GOM Player
Description: GOM Player plays all types of media files, and is virtually glitch free.

Program name: X-SOFT Media Player
Description: Extremely light weight and fast media player, with limited features, but most necessities, and compatible with all major audio types.

Program name: XPlayer
Description: Very fast and light weight. Works with most files, and simple interface. Simple play list system.

Spyware Removal
Program name: Ad-aware
Description: A pleasing looking, and easy use cleaner. Constant updates, and it doesn't pester you to buy the paid version.

Program name: Spybot Search and Destroy
Description: This program has a very good database for spy ware, but make sure you create a backup, because it can screw up your whole registry.

Audio Tools
Program name: Audacity
Description: Edits music in a very simple way. You can cut off parts / mix multiple songs, record music with this.

Program Name: ModPlug
Description: Various audio editors, players, and tools.

File Compression
Program name: 7-zip
Description: Fast compression and extraction. Compresses smaller file sizes than most other programs. Small space taken on computer, and less clutter on right click menu.

Instant Messenger
Program name: Trillian Basic
Description: Works with all major messengers, with many features. Some bugs and issues though.

Program name: Miranda IM
Description: Works with all major messengers, with few features including file transfer, and group conversations. Faster and less buggy than Trillian.

Program name: Pidgin
Description: Attractive messenger, compatible with all major messengers. Very feature rich.

Web Browsers
Program name: Avant Browser
Description: Very low file size, and very feature rich, with built in skins.

Program name: Mozilla Firefox
Description: Very customizable browser, with fast page loads.

Program name: Opera browser
Description: Opera has some unique features including Speed dial and widgets. It is known to be the best browser there is, but lacks a vast customization.

Program name: Flock
Description: Very similar to Firefox. Uses the source code of 2.0, and adds tonnes of features. Mainly for major media accounts like Piczo and Youtube.

Program name: Maxthon
Description: One of the best browsers there is. Very easy to remove tools you don't want. Easy on the eyes, and very fast.

Office Suite
Program name:
Description: Compatible with other major office suites, with tonnes of tools.

Photo Manipulation / Image Design
Program name: Paint.NET
Description: Provides you with a all the basic tools photoshop has to offer, and several of the more advanced. However, this program takes up far less space on your hard drive, and it loads faster too.

Program name: The Gimp
Description: Almost all the tools of photoshop.

Registry Cleaner
Program name: CCleaner
Description: Not only is it a registry cleaner, but you can delete tonnes of useless files on your computer, to save hundreds of megabytes of space.

Screen recording
Program name: Wink
Description: Captures screen shots, adds explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc to generate a highly effective tutorial.

SVN Client
Program Name: TortiseSVN
Description: SVN client, for quick updating. Used by many BETA testers
File Size: 8.78MB

PDF viewer
Program name: Foxit Reader
Description: Lightweight, bug free software that allows you to view files, in a more attractive way than Adobe reader.

Program Name: NotePad ++
Description: One of the best program for coders, go beyond the notepad, use NotePad ++

Disk Defragmentation
Program name: Auslogics Disk Defrag
Definition: Very good program, for a faster and more precise defragmentation than the one built into Windows.

Program name: Steam
Description: Download free game demos onto your desktop.

Program name: Soldat
Description: 2d shooter game, can be played online and offline.

Program name: Chaos Faction
Description: A downloadable fighting game. Think of soldat with melee only, better graphics, and no online play.

Program name: F.E.A.R Multiplayer
Description: Multiplayer of a F.E.A.R (First Encounter Assualt Recon) Created By Sierra and Vivendi.
File Size: 1.76 GB approx.

Program Name: America's Army
Description: Free Online multi player Created by the US Army, Quite Realistic.
File Size: 2.49GB+Patches

Program Name: N-Game
Description: Game complete with physics, 100 levels which contain 4-5 sub levels in each. Also considering that there's a level creator which is intuitive, and you can play other levels created by people online. Doesn't require a good computer to play.

Program name: Shattered Galaxy
Description: Similar to star craft, but multiplayer with factions.

Program name: Trickster online
Description: Fight enemies, from a walk around view (point and click). cartoon like style, and drilling for items / experience as well.

Program name: Plasma Pong
[Description:[/b] Pong on steroids. It's a fun remake worth trying.

This was made by Nev and quoted by me.

P.S. Nev hasn't joined this forum
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Nev's freeware reviews
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