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New? Click here for the Forum Guidebook Empty
PostSubject: New? Click here for the Forum Guidebook   New? Click here for the Forum Guidebook Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 6:01 am

Welcome Note

Firstly let me start off by welcoming me you to the forums.

If you donít know already weíve been running since 2004 to this present day, we used to be a pivot / portal based site and for the moment we are currently remaining as a forum. Over time we have done quite a few things, one of our best site achievements is the collab animations which you can find over at

Donít let the forums at first glance fool you, we cater for a variety of things not just pivot, although it is one of the main popular areas of the forum, we also have sections for flash, and artwork.


If your new you may find it useful to take a glance over our forum rules, just like many other places we have them. Due to scale of this forum we have to ensure basic order. Apparently we are renowned for being a strict forum, but the fact of the matter is we will respect you as long as you do the rules.

In certain areas we loosen up the rules a bit in the spampit which is an example;

This is basically an area for random topics that donít have enough value to placed in one of the other specific forum areas.

New pivot animator?

If youíre a pivot animator, start off by posting your animation in one of the beginnerís sections. If your animations are worthy enough either one of our staff members will notice it and determine whether to ask for other staff input in which a vote will be held regarding to move you up or not, else pm a moderator / forum helper to ask staff whether or not to move you up.

- Please note, we do not permit you to make multiple threads in BOTH beginners hall 1 and 2 you must only choose one of these areas to post your thread.

Both of these sections are located here;

Just fun / random pivot animators?

Of course, thereís less judgement and more freedom, seek the freestyle animation area

The Courtesy Rule.

This rule is one of the few ways to get comments on your animation thread.
It is recommended that you read this thread thoroughly when you create your first animation thread so you know what is going on when someone adds ďCourtesy?Ē to the bottom of their post.

This rule simply means that this person has posted on your thread so itís only fair that you return the favour and post on theirs.
One of the big things about receiving courtesy is that you need a link in your Signature so the person can be redirected to your thread easily. Searching through the forums can be very boring and if you donít have the link there is a smaller chance of you getting courtesy returned.

To put a link to your thread you can use the following format.
[url=*THREAD LINK HERE*]My Animations[/url] Ė Courtesy?

You can edit this code, as long as your thread is easily accessable through your signature.

Another point about courtesy is that if you want someone to post on your thread through courtesy you would need to post a substantial comment. A lot of people wonít courtesy a one or two sentence comment.
Take your time. Comment on more than the newest animation. Say what needs fixing. What are your favourite parts. Length. Detail. There are a lot of things that can be commented on so there is no excuse to writing a short post.

The Courtesy Rule is a very important thing at the DarkDemon forums so it isnít easy to forget or ignore so follow these rules, return courtesy and gain respect.

Help I need a staff member!

Try not to bug us, but if there is something of urgency feel free to contact us, staff can be identified by the forum index and the current active moderators / adminís / forum helpers are depicted by a colour, or you can see the staff list below.


Admin Team

Help me!

Then your first port of call is the help center firstly look at any useful threads already there, after which use the forum search feature to see if someone else has already posted the same / similar problem If you still cant find anything then post a thread in the help center, a member of staff or another user will try and help you out as best as they can.
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New? Click here for the Forum Guidebook
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